6 Easy Steps For Overcoming Shyness

Published: 24th August 2012
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If you are one of thousands who suffer from shyness or anxiety, follow these simple strategies to build self-confidence while overcoming shyness forever. Many people suffer from anxiety, shyness and a sense of bashfulness in all sorts of social situations. These feelings are normal but, if not dealt with, they can take over and become a habit.

Firstly, think about yourself differently. Instead of saying you are shy and anxious, which has negative connotations, try thinking about yourself as reserved. You are someone who prefers to take their time in social situations and that, perhaps, you are selective about whom you engage with. This is more positive and the more you think about yourself this way the more confident you will become.

At the same time, make it a priority to learn everything you can about effective and easy ways to develop effective communication skills. You do this by immersing yourself in as much information about the topic as possible. Become hungry for any reading material about the subject. If you want something more practical get some formal training on how to start and keep conversations alive and interesting. If you prefer something more auditory, then there are programmes that are downloadable from the internet such as podcasts and audio files. There are also audio-visual presentations. And last, but not least, learn by doing.

Put what you are learning immediately into practice. Start with people you know and trust. Good candidates are family members and friends - tell them what you are doing and ask them to help. Or try out what you learn on complete strangers - after all you might only ever meet them once so it's a pretty safe way to try out new found skills. These are people you might meet in the course of your day. People who serve you at the store or restaurant. A good tip is to wait until they are part way through serving you and then simply smile, make eye contact and ask "How are you doing today?" Try it out. You will be surprised how effective this tactic is. Practice focusing on the other person and being interested in what they are saying rather than worrying about how you look or how embarrassed you feel.

To keep up momentum, set goals that recognise the results of your practice. For example you could decide: to read a new book every month about how to communicate effectively; talk to one stranger a day for 2 minutes; or have a conversation with a different coworker or customer each day. Start simply and before you know it you will be overcoming shyness and on your way to build self-confidence. Create ways to reward yourself - focus on what you have achieved not what you haven't. Small recognition for small achievements. For achieving your goal every day pat yourself on the back and perhaps once a week buy yourself a small treat. When you have kept up your effort for a month give yourself something more tangible.

To broaden your social interactions move on to participation in specific activities which require you engage in conversations. You could choose to go to community-based classes where you can practice your conversation skills with your class mates or you could think about hobbies you might be interested in and join a social group that has that interest as its main purpose. This way you will be meeting people who have the same or similar interest to you. When you first join a class or club ask to be introduced. Get a fellow-attendee to introduce you to fellow participants. This will help you connect with other guests over the topic of common interest and pursue a conversation more effortlessly.

Finally, learn and practice the art breaking the ice and then how to engage in small talk. Most people are enthusiastic about sharing their stories. Favorite sports, travel destinations, kids, opinions of celebrities, movies and other current events make great conversation starters. Steer away from conversations on social or economic status, health, faith, and other personal details. Watch for gestures of discomfort when you ask questions.

Being a valued member of the social group is fundamental to all of us. We want meaningful interactions with other people. These tactics will help you achieve this. When you focus on improving your communication skills while overcoming shyness, you will find that people easily warm to you and you will build self-confidence.
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