Conversation Starters - Use These Techniques To Become A Confident Party Goer

Published: 13th August 2012
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The last party you went to was a disaster. You skirted groups of people who were all looking like they were having the time of their lives. You wished you could be just like them. Don't know how? Well here's some pointers on how you can build your confidence before you get there. Follow this up with great conversation starters and you will be enjoying every party you go to.

Remember good attitude, positive outlook as well as an armory of great conversation starters are all you need to make a good impression. The ability to attract friends like bees to honey comes from being a total package.

Be on Your Best Physical Appearance

This is commonsense advice. You cannot expect fellow guests and the party host to come anywhere near you with a ten-foot pole when you look and smell like an unwashed hobo. When you have the best conversation starters in the history of mankind, this is true. You will not only be red-faced but you will also be getting red-hot looks of disdain coming from your fellow guests, which will make for plenty of awkward approaches on your part.

So, before coming to any party, be sure to take a bath with soap and water, dress in the most appropriate clothes for the party (i.e., smart casual, formal, casual), comb your hair and spray on a good perfume/cologne. If you are a woman, apply just the right amount of makeup to highlight your best assets. Doing so will make you feel confident about your appearance and confident about your reception when you start throwing your conversation starters, so to speak.

Be on Your Best Mood

You should complement your good physical appearance with your good mood. It simply will not do to come into a party in a bad mood, which was caused by something unrelated to the guests, the host and the purpose of the party itself. You cannot vent your ire, frustration and anger unto your fellow guests who are in the party to have a good time.

Plus, you will be unable to deliver your conversation starters in the best possible way when you are in a bad mood. Cheer up, smile and forget your troubles on the outside while focusing on the good times you are about to have inside the party. It pays to plan ahead. Yes, thats right. Imagine you are arriving at the party. Look around and see the other guests. Choose one who is not already talking to someone else, walk up to them with your hand extended, a smile on your face and introduce yourself. Have your conversation starter all ready. Spend some time doing this an you will succeed in the real event. This technique is what all the top athletes use - and its scientifically proven to work.

Be as Early as Possible

The best conversation starters are just a start toward becoming accepted into a social group during parties but it is the best start. We suggest coming in early so that you will have an easier time approaching the few early birds and then making a good impression on them.

Your party conversation starters are just the beginning. Once you have broken the ice its easy to listen and ask lots of questions. Crack jokes, tell anecdotes and ask open-ended questions of whoever is in front of you at the moment. Listen to what they have to say as well so that your basic conversation starters become the start of a more meaningful exchange of ideas.

When the place gets packed, you will be the first person on the minds of your first friends during the party as the jolly good fellow who made them smile and laugh. And that is when you can paint the place red, so to speak, because you now have a set of friends instead of being the red-faced wallflower.

To find yourself in the enviable position of the life of your social group, get started on your conversation starters now!


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